Christmas in July?

I’ll admit, it may be a little early to break out the eggnog, but it’s not too early to start planning your personalized holiday mailings.

Start the the Giving Season Off Right

Start the Giving Season off right by showing appreciation to your donors, customers, employees, and vendors. Sending an authentic handwritten holiday card, year-end acknowledgment or personal thank you note will be sure to get you on the top of Santa’s NICE list.

An Unexpected and Appreciated Gesture

The simple gesture of a personalized hand addressed card showing up in someone’s mailbox is unexpected, and it may just be the best part of their day! What people want more than anything is to feel validated and to know they matter. Your handwritten card will send a clear message: You are important and you do matter to me. It is a wonderful way to express your care and gratitude. I guarantee the next time you reach out, they’ll remember this sincere act of kindness.

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